Barry Fairbrother
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Aged 44

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  • Pagford Parish Councillor
  • Coach
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Barry Fairbrother was the parish councillor of Pagford until his death by aneurysm, when he was forty-four. After his death, a casual vacancy was deemed on Pagford. Barry has been married to Mary Fairbrother for nineteen years and, on their last anniversary, he collapsed at the golf club car park, leaving a devastated widow and four children.


Early lifeEdit

Barry was born in the Fields, on Pagford, a tiny West Country town. Barry became very popular among his classmates and teachers[1], having a natural personality. When Barry was twenty-five, he married Mary. Together, they had four children[2]

Political lifeEdit

Barry is known to oppose Howard Mollison and the Anti-Fielders on the Pagford Parish Council[3]. He has worked on the Fields issue until the last day of his life, much to the annoyment of his wife. He was making a deadline for the Yarvil and District Gazette and writing about Krystal Weedon, whom he insisted to enter the Pagford rowing team.


Barry died on the golf club car park, when he was taking his wife, Mary, to celebrate their 19th anniversary. He died of an aneurysm, an artery burst, and died on the ambulance to Yarvil.

Notes and referencesEdit

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